Marketplace management

Selling products via marketplaces is an increasingly important part of the eCommerce strategy. Toubik will help you to market and increase your sales in a foreign market, whether you are just starting out with marketplaces or whether you are ready for the next level.

Initial Phase

  • Consultation on the best suited marketplace
  • Guidance through the market limits & regulations

Account Setup & Launch

Toubik prepares you for expansion by:

  • Enhancing your data:
    • Toubik prepares listing tool upload files and marks cells with missing data. You can decide to add the missing data yourself or ask  Toubik to enhance the data.
  • Translating and localising your listings
  • Assisting you to create an account on the international marketplace of your choice
  • Opening a listing tool account and setting up the new marketplace including feeds

Once the account is launched, control will be handed back over to you.