How to Promote a Loyalty Program

We all love to receive free stuff. Recent statistics show that loyalty programs grew by more than 25% in the past 2 years. The reason such programs became popular is that they are a great marketing tool designed to attract customers, encourage them to sign up and then make them repeat bookings. But if your hotel loyalty program is a well kept secret, it certainly won’t help you grow your business.

Consumer loyalty programs should be promoted through all available channels: you can spread the word through marketing communications, your website, other social networking platforms. Do not ignore the power of messages passed via social media which can turn into a very efficient advertising tool when used correctly. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ are there to help you build a successful marketing strategy. Don’t be reluctant to use them.

Illustration by Moritz Resl 

Use SOCIAL MEDIA to promote your loyalty program

Social media is currently considered the best way of promoting loyalty programs. Everyone knows Facebook has a special reach across the globe.

  • You can use this platform in numerous ways: create your Facebook fan page, put a banner to your Facebook profile page to stand out amongst your competition and add constant posts to inform your potential clients about the advantages of your loyalty program. You can also place ads on Facebook in order to engage with your fans, run Facebook polls and contests to find out your potential customers’ preferences, encourage them to send photos of them enjoying rewards.
  • You can also tweet about your loyalty program. For example, tweeting every time a customer redeems points or giving information about ways to redeem more points can also be a winning advertising strategy. Rewarding your new fans and followers with extra points will also increase your program’s popularity. Twitter also offers remarketing services, giving us the chance to send promoted tweets to selected audiences.
  • If you want a quick marketing boost for your loyalty program, Google Plus should become an essential part of your marketing strategy. You can also include here links to specific pages of your website and a contact form. Make sure you post frequently and optimize your posts with the most relevant keywords for your business.

Increase your brand value using EMAIL MARKETING

Email marketing is also a valuable promotional tool for your loyalty program, as it allows you to identify the right customers for the right message at the right time. Email marketing is easy to use, inexpensive and effective when done right.

Email newsletters help you stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis increasing your brand awareness and recognition.

  • To run a successful email marketing campaign, take time to study your email database, to define your clients’ needs and offer them exactly what they need. It is important to complete your database with potential clients (people who have just booked a room at your hotel, recent webpage visitors, customers who could be interested in your new offer) and target them with customized emails providing offers that they might find useful.
  • Analyze your database. Through a simple RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) scoring, you will be able to spot your best customers, your weakest, your new clients, or those who are inactive. This allows you to identify where your loyalty members are in the lifecycle of your program and makes it easier for you to deliver the right message at the right time. If possible, use a tone of exclusivity and an offer the consumer can’t refuse to make your loyal customer feel special.
  • Grow your email database and build your list by capturing the email address through a website opt-in box. By entering their name and email, visitors give you permission to receive offers by email.
  • Always make sure your emails provide quality content valuable for your customers. The program members should always be informed on their rewarding possibilities and acquired bonuses, as the more familiar customers are with your program’s benefits, the more those incentives will motivate them.

Other Ways of Marketing your Hotel Loyalty Program : PayPerClick

  • Target the clients who already visited your website through Google Adwords, Facebook remarketing, Facebook Custom Audiences, GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions).
  • Whenever you launch a program or want to bring something to the attention of your audience, building a sublist of prospects from your email list can be helpful. But, as not everyone is going to open their emails, you can upload your audience to Facebook and target them using Facebook ads so that they know about your launch.
  • Website Custom Audiences (WCA) allows you to create Facebook ads that target users who have previously visited your website. It’s a great opportunity to reach a relevant audience.
  • Are you more into remarketing for the Display Network? This allows you to show ads to your site while visitors browse the web, which could also help you optimize your conversions.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads is one more method of showing ads to your site visitors when they search for what they need on Google. Expand your reach with more keywords, set bid adjustments for your website’s visitors and tailor your ads according to their needs and interests.

Whatever will be the way you choose to promote your hotel loyalty program, keep in mind that the best way to engage your loyal customers is to deliver them the right offer at the right time. Most often than not, it requires multi-channel efforts to reach your targeted audience, so, try to reach out to your customers across all available platforms and mediums to track data and ensure the best fit for each customer.

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