Mobile apps: Flash interview with Vintage Hotel

You launched the mobile app for Vintage Hotel in August 2012. Why did you decide to make this step?

Because we want to evolve and keep up with our times! People today book more and more hotels through their smartphones. The App is also a good way to improve the relationship with our customers and keep them updated about the events we organize.

What percentage of the annual booking revenue would you estimate comes from mobile booking?

Today we estimate that 2% of bookings are done via Mobile (mobile surf and mobile apps).

How are you measuring the impact of the mobile app on your hotel’s brand awareness?

We are currently not measuring the return on brand awareness, but this is definitely something we should start doing !

What should hoteliers expect from a mobile app in terms of return of investment?

More visibility. A proactive image of a company living up to its time. Remain “top of mind” for customers when booking the next stay, as we are – once the app is installed, it is constantly present on people’s mobile phones.

What features of your hotel’s mobile app are being most often used?

Pictures and Agenda.

What are the three must-have features of any hotel mobile app?

Nice pictures – easy contact details – easy way to book a room.

Vintage Hotel, Belgium

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