The need to invest in direct booking strategy has become obvious. In the long run, this means commission free bookings and increased investment in your own brand. We will review some of the key aspects that Toubik will take into account when building your business a customized online strategy.

Channel Management

Toubik defines the most important online channels for your online hotel growth. Every channel implies costs that can sometimes lead up to 30-45% of the cost of a reservation. Your business will want to choose certain channels not only because they have increased sales, but because of their net revenue generation.

Market segmentation

We take into account the key market segments that your hotel uses (transient segment, groups, contract). Toubik builds different promotional strategies based on the characteristics of the target group.

Trends and Seasonality

Toubik shapes its strategy according to trends and seasonality. Seasonality and the day of the week are both patterns which are reflected in the results of the online strategy. Toubik uses the hotel history activity for this purpose.


Toubik selects channels based on their effectiveness. Our goal is to use strategic positioning and to achieve conversions within the target groups.

Brand awareness

A successful strategy for brand awareness or/and conversion involves the use of specific and varied channels of approach. Firstly it is necessary to determine how to mix the two strategies, and then set up the subsequent stages.

Local, regional or international

Toubik develops localized approaches, as well as ranking strategies appropriate for the European and international market.

Key Performance Indicators

We set up the KPI’s for your online processes, and monitor each channel according to them.



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