7 channels your hotel must embrace in 2013!

Along with the economic downturn came limited budgets and the need for more efficient resource management. When dealing with a limited budget, selecting the most efficient online channels (the ones with the highest ROI) is crucial. You can only make that decision after you have tested each channel’s capabilities sufficiently. Once you have determined which are the most efficient, harness their full power!

Here are some of the channels your hotel must embrace in 2013:

1. Social media: Instead of focusing exclusively on Facebook and Twitter, capitalise on alternative social networks. Cash in on the multiple communities bound together by specific interests, which have a very targeted and loyal following. Social channels are great media for brand awareness and engagement. Use them cleverly!

2. E-mail marketing: Consolidate the connection with your customers before or after they have purchased a room in your hotel. It’s common knowledge that each dissatisfied customer will share his bad experience with 10 other users, while happy customers might omit to convey how pleased they were with your services. Through a system of rewards, encourage satisfied customers to give you positive reviews on your hotel site, on tripadvisor or on your social media networks. Make use of your current customers to win future business.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimise your presence locally (Geo SEO) for those searches which are most relevant to your offer.

4. Take advantage of local events to highlight your hotel’s offer.

5. PayPerClick: If you have a small budget, initiate a lead generation campaign which you will then try to convert using another channel.

6. Mobile: Have you started working on a content strategy for mobile devices? 30% of U.S. travellers already use their mobile phones to book hotel accommodations.

7. The press: A good relationship with the press can help you obtain a positive image both online and offline.

On this note, we wish you a profitable year and a balanced budget!

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