3 tips to make mobile booking drive revenue

More and more travelers are using their mobiles to book their rooms. Accessible internet on most mobile phones, as well as a growing interest in gadgets are two essential trends which hoteliers should respond to.

Here are 3 tips on how to approach it successfully:

1. Provide a complete mobile booking experience for your users!

Users won’t look you up on their phones, let alone download your app, solely for booking. Plus-value is mandatory: give them an interactive and extensive insight in your hotel’s features, rooms, services. Moreover, make your hotel mobile app or display be their tool in exploring the surroundings! Information such as events, attractions, useful tips regarding restaurants, pubs or transportation are just as important!

Guests who book through mobile devices could easily become loyal customers. Make sure to offer them discounts on their next reservation so that they’ll stop at your place.

2. Offer complete guidance after the reservation is made

Most statistics on mobile bookings reveal that users who make them check in within 24 hours. This means that your guests probably don’t have time for any further research before arriving. Instead, you can do this for them by offering extensive help through mobile: directions and maps, notifications regarding their room, information about services and events etc.

3. Make the mobile experience compatible with all devices!

Some of your guests may use Androids, while others are fans of Blackberry or Apple Products (iPhones and iPads). Make sure that if you hotel business goes mobile, it reaches all your potential clients, regardless of their taste in technology.

CONTEXT: eMarketer estimates 16 million Americans will book travel via mobile this year, up from just over 12 million in 2011. By 2016, the number of mobile users booking travel on their devices is expected to more than double to 36.7 million. And significantly more mobile users will research, but not necessarily purchase, travel on their phones throughout the forecast period: 37.8 million this year, rising to 74.3 million by 2016. Seize this opportunity and include mobile booking in your marketing strategy.

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