10 tips to market your hotel for business and leisure

Are you a business hotel manager?
Then you should know that hotel business travelers are less price sensitive but have high demands when it comes to facilities and commodities.

Are you focusing on leisure type of hotel offer?
Then your target is likely to weigh in the costs more carefully and look for an experience outside the hotel as well.

Are you approaching both the business and leisure segments?
This is a smart choice to have hotel sales high in all seasons! But are you marketing them efficiently? You can begin with creating unique sections on your hotel site for both offers. With email marketing and advertising campaigns you can direct them to dedicated landing pages. Not to mention that targeted search engine optimization will rank your hotel high in searches of both targets.

Nevertheless, having different audiences means performing specific online marketing. Start to operate correctly with the two segments in order to attract and satisfy the right customers!

Understanding your hotel business travelers. 5 tips on what to offer:

1. Advertise high-standard, customized services and commodities
Business travelers need to have the details at hand. Business rooms should be highly equipped for the type of requirements that business travelers might have: from clothes iron and ironing board to espresso machines. Not to mention high speed wireless connection!

2. Special corporate rates and loyalty packages
Approach the individual travelers but also the companies who regularly send employees out on meetings. It is attractive to offer special rates, discounts and quick booking facilities in order to establish a convenient frequency in staying at your hotel.

3. Corporate events
If your hotel has the right resources to hold business meetings and conferences, then promoting corporate events is a sure way to boost income regardless of season.

4. Fast and professional replies on social media
Business travelers are active on social platforms. It is likely that they will tweet about you or inquire information if you have an account. In this case, Twitter can act as a customer care channel, quickly answering questions as well as preventing a negative opinion from turning into a downright negative buzz.

5. Mobile search optimization and mobile app for your hotel
With an extremely busy schedule, business people book on the go. How? Using phones and light devices such as iPads. These potential customers are more likely to be gadget savvy. You need to win their trust and interest quickly.

Understanding your hotel leisure travelers. 5 tips on what to offer:

1. Good incentives to keep up interest
Leisure travelers are more picky on hotels when it comes to money. For this category, running promotions on social media or letting out a good deal in your e-mail marketing campaigns can work very well. It triggers them to take action.

2. Loyalty packages
Returning customers are any hotel’s great wish. One retainment approach is to keep in touch with them on the long-run, offering loyalty packages. Satisfied customers also spread the word about your hotel by recommending it to their network.

3. A complete information guide
The leisure target is looking for more than just hotel information. This means you can market the events within your city. Not only does this respond to a customer need, but you can tie profitable partnerships with vendors or shops. Maison 140 Beverly Hills, for example, promotes a list of recommendations about shopping, museums, excursions and other events in their Leisure Travel section.

4. Private or personal events organizing
Similarly to corporate events, private ones such as anniversaries, weddings or holiday celebrations can act as complementary revenue in both low and high seasons.

5. Quality content on social media
Leisure travelers usually have more time to research about your hotel. They want to know more of its story and how your services tackle with their desires. Facebook and blogs can suit this purpose very well. Some hotels have blogs for a specific target. For example, Four Season Hotels keep a dedicated blog to families with kids and what these guests can do together while staying over.

If you are considering to apply any of the online marketing tactics mentioned above, we are here to help you with hotel e-business consultancy. A Toubik specialist can answer any further inquiries you might have within 24 hours. Request more information.

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