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International marketing&sales

We master the language, the culture and customer behaviors in your chosen market

Export development

Find the right distributors or agents abroad with our export developers

International sourcing

International sourcing: we find the right manufacturers and service providers

Reasons for going international

Powerful tools for your company

Companies that don’t work­ in international mar­kets become less competitive and more vulnerable­. To work­ abroad is to be ex­posed to the need for e­xcellence that interna­tional competition brings­.

  • Tak­e advantage of other mar­kets growth and development
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Offset slow growth in your home market
  • Exploit economies of scale and reach
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About Toubik Agency

It’s all about your business expansion

Toubik is a digital agency that enables companies to sell their products to customers internationally by creating a localized experience.
How can Toubik help you?
* increase your conversions & leads
* create native experiences for your customers in every local market

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