Use the events to achieve a better online presence

Organizing an event is material and logistical effort consuming for a hotel. It is one of the your most important visibility resources. Most often your online actions are designed separately from offline actions, because they are in charge of different departments. What if you could use the events to achieve a better SEO ranking and increase the brand awareness of your hotel’s website? Events have greater visibility if well designed, attract a wide audience and offer the possibility to easily rank in search engines with a lower cost.

Before proceeding to the strategy, make a brief evaluation of events organized so far. Did they bring a plus for better ranking your website in Google?

Some SEO tips for your events strategy:

  • optimize your press releases and make sure you have a good distribution
  • add SEO optimized press releases on your website
  • add the events on social media channels
  • target the events according to the profile
  • benefit from partnerships to get SEO advantages
  • evaluate the SEO benefits after the event. Thus, at the end of the year, you will have not only successful events but also more effective SEO campaigns.

Case study

In cooperation with an art events agency (ARTKLUG), we organised an event for Hotel Tempo, a boutique hotel in the heart of Bucharest. The featured artists belong to a niche community which holds its activities online. The main goal of the campaign was to generate a buzz around the hotel, employing the services of an artistic community.

The event targeted the segment of small business owners who might want to book rooms in a boutique hotel for various occasions.

Evening theme: Art nouveau soirée, which involved three established artists and a small manufacturing shop specializing in hand-made Tiffany lamps.

The campaign consisted of a mix of online and offline activities. We started with the assumption that there are multiple benefits to be had from events with a strong online reflection: brand awareness by engaging niche communities, networking and SEO-related benefits (link building), partnership building.

a. Online presence
The event was preceded by the issuing and distribution of a search engine optimized press release and by promotional activities in the online environment (social media activitye-mail marketing). Our media partners and other publications ran the ad for this event.
The community’s Facebook page became an interactive medium throughout the event’s promotion.

b. Offline advertising
A popular Bucharest radio station ran the audio commercial for the event.The participants interacted with the hotel ambiance and offer.

The warm, inviting climate fostered dialogue and the exchange of business information.

c. Partnership building
A number of well-known partners – a publishing house, a confectionery, a Tiffany lamp shop, a jewellery and glass decorations shop – were involved. This drew considerable attendance to the event and online awareness.

d. How was the event reflected in the online media?
Pictures from the event were distributed on the most important social networks and became the subject of comments and sharing among niche communities.

Events must be designed as an integral part of SEO strategy and online brand awareness. To achieve an integrated SEO and events plan, contact a Toubik representative.

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