Epoque Hotel / Bucharest: Titanic meal

The Executive Chef of Epoque Hotel / Bucharest prepares the Titanic meal

On the evening of the 29th of August, Arnaud Dunand, Executive Chef at Epoque Hotel Bucharest, is the guest of honor at The Harbour where he will greet his guests in the 19th century atmosphere, with a menu worthy of the shiny Titanic.
The special culinary moment is part of the series of events dedicated to the international gastronomy initiated by The Harbour, in April. The culinary halt, on the 29th of August, will be made in the French cuisine from where, 100 years ago, the menu on the Titanic was created.

This time, the invitation is not for a typical French dinner, but for a quite special moment destined to the cooking recipes of the famous Chef of the Victorian epoque, Auguste Escoffier. Considered as the most influent French Chef, known in the culinary world due to his classic cookbooks “Le Guide Culinaire” and “Ma Cuisine”, Escoffier is also the father of the 20th century cuisine.

The Executive Chef from Epoque Hotel is going to recreate, in his own way, some French dishes – prepared in line with Escoffier’s recipes – of the dinner served to the 1st class passengers on the Titanic. The dishes will be accompanied by tasting 2 French wines from Alma Tim Distribution.

Please, note in your calendar: Wednesday, 29th of August, 8 p.m. and book a seat for the evening dedicated to the French cuisine, in an atmosphere inspired from the voyage of the famous cruise ship of White Star Line, R.M.S. Titanic.
The event is sponsored by the Horeca Romania magazine, Vinul.ro, Culinar.ro, Raluk.ro in partnership with Epoque Hotel and Alma Tim Distribution, with the support of SomethingBorrowed.ro.
Reservations – phone: 021.319.72.57; cell phone: 0724.388.686 or on the web site: www.harbour.ro.

Epoque Hotel, the newest 5 stars boutique hotel of Bucharest, is situated nearby Cismigiu Gardens and it was opened in the fall of 2010. The hotel, an arhitectural project of talented designers and architecs, is naturally integrated in the neighbouring landscape, combining harmoniously the French origin facade with the neo-Romanian interiors to offer refinement and a different authentic experience to its guests.

Certified with Diploma of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2012 and designated as the Hotel of the Year / 2011 by HRB Expert, Epoque Hotel offers 45 luxury apartments, facilities as SPA, indoor swimming pool, summer terrace, lounge and Bistro Epoque Restaurant with a menu inspired from the French cuisine and prepared under the careful survaillance of a resident French Chef.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact Ruxandra Lupu, PR Director – e-mail: sandra@wadvisors.ro; cell phone: 0723 546 102.

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