Start to build successful partnerships for your hotel

Your hotel online traffic is stagnant from the launching of your website? Or increases are due to seasonality? It’s time to take control. Most times stagnation is due to lack of diversification of traffic sources. A good strategy would be to review the actions of link building or partnerships undertaken recently.

We suggest further a 3 steps evaluation that will help you improve your online partnerships strategy and thus increase traffic of the hotel website:

a. Build. Start a campaign of online partnerships. They will become a constant source of traffic. If you cannot handle evaluating online partners and establishing conditions for partnership, contact a specialist.

b. Select. After setting partnerships, check which ones are the most important sources of traffic and develop relationships with those websites. Establish a few key indicators to assess the success of their partnership and aims to achieve. (e.g. number of unique visitors, time spent on site, number of visitors returning on the website)

c. Capitalize. The next step immediately after identifying the most effective sources of traffic is to develop joint online campaigns with the websites that bring most visitors.

What problems have you identified in your online partnerships? Send us your questions on this topic in Questiomat-section of questions and answers dedicated to hotels online strategy.

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