Choose your plan

Hotel email marketing

Email template & email send

Contact strategy

Landing page optimization

List building&segmentation

Search engine optimization

SEO architecture

On-site search engine optimization

Off-site search engine optimization

Monthly analytics reports

Pay per click

Pay Per click account setup

Pay Per click management

(Google Adwords, Linkedin, Facebook, etc)

Social media strategy

Build strategies to attract fans on

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Define KPI’s to mesure success

Increase engagement


Landing pages, Email templates


Rich pictures

Responsive design


Channels management

Acquisition strategies

Loyalty strategies


Seasonality package (New)

Raise hotel awareness

Integrated marketing approach

Identify alternative target markets

Identify and promote niche products

Hotel awareness

Online Brand Awareness Plan

Defining the Communication Strategy

Creating a Brand Book

Hotel Conversion

Personalized approach

Increase conversion rate

Increase bookings

budget control