Hotel online brand strategy

Your hotel online brand identity reflects your hotel’s character: the values, the mission, the way it responds to customer needs. It transforms your hotel from a mere business to a tangible, humanized presence – this encourages online visitors to interact with it.

Why have a hotel online brand strategy?  Here are 3 top benefits:

  • It establishes your hotel as trustworthy. This is vital as it keeps your website visitors on the site rather than abandoning shortly after the first click. No to mention it encourages actual purchase.
  • It prevents you from losing potential and actual clients in case of a negative buzz. For example, the hotel website and its social platforms empower you to release official statements and solve problems swiftly. Nevertheless, they only become efficient channels if you have considerably maintained them active before the crisis moment.
  • It positions your hotel as unique. Differentiation from competitors it what makes customers remember your easily.

 Toubik can help you with a range of services with our hotel online brand strategy.

What we do

Brand Identity Design

  • Brand Name Identification
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Stationary Design

Online Brand Management

  • Brand Positioning and Concept
  • Defining the Brand Strategy
  • Defining the Communication Strategy
  • Brand Guideline Compliance validation on new Products
  • Constructing online IMAGERY
  • Creating a Brand Book

Reputation management & Repair strategy

  • Communication Crisis Prevention Plan
  • React & Repair Strategy Execution

Correlating the offline brand strategy with the online one.

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