Are you the best hotel to spend Christmas?

Winter holidays put hotels to work and bring a huge wave of promotions, offers, messaging, which of course will draw guests’ attention, turning it into sales. Before launching holidays campaigns, make sure that:

Your marketing materials differentiate from the rest of the offers due to the graphic layout, format, and channels to reach your customers. It’s time to empathize a little with your guest. They receive hundreds of offers and the decision is hard to take. Proximity, original events, the price may be selection criteria.

Do you use all the cards your hotel holds? The hotel position, how is decorated / atmosphere, offer, etc. It’s time to draw attention on what makes you special (eg: welcome drink / wellness facilities). If you don’t have a differentiating point, invent it.

Benefit from existing contacts. You already have a database of customers’ emails in your hotel? Take benefits from the fact that a good experience can be a decisive factor to repeat it. Also, it’s time to strengthen your relationships with different communities / groups with whom you come in contact during the year. You can organize targeted events, but do not forget to promote them properly.

Do you offer a surprise gift to your guests? An object, no matter the size, an experience or a discount may trigger buying decision.

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