Who is Toubik?

Toubik is an online marketing agency based in Bucharest specializing in online hotel marketing. We work with the best specialists in the online field to identify and understand the needs of your business and to guarantee you an efficient and targeted promotion.

Why go to a dedicated online hotel marketing agency?

The unique peculiarities of promoting offers, B2C or B2B, deem a simple expert evaluation made by an agency insufficient. Experience with clients in the field is critical, if you want to develop a product in a highly competitive market.

Local, regional or international?

Toubik develops localized approaches, as well as ranking strategies appropriate for the European and international market.

How can Toubik help you?

  • increase your direct bookings
  • identify the most important channels for online traffic generation and subsequent conversions that enable your business growth
  • increase your brand awareness in the online field
  • correlate both the online and offline marketing strategies
  • target specific groups that have the potential to convert into online customers