3 luxury boutique hotels with a stunning online identity

They are nominated for hospitality prizes and own quite some records. When customers don’t support them in voting competitions, they are being examined by top experts in the hotel industry.

Here are 3 luxury boutique hotels from Europe with a powerful online brand. What is there to learn from them in terms of online brand presence? We chose to make a quick analysis:

101 Hotel Reykjavik is an excellent example of just how well the offline identity of a hotel can be exhibited in the online. In terms of visuals, this hotel uses an elegant and interactive display of pages and photos, all framed by monochromatic backgrounds.Their correlation with the actual offline design dilutes the limit between virtual and real, hence the feeling that you are actually inside.

What adds to making 101 Hotel Reykjavik a powerful online brand?

• A simple yet refined logo that can easily be remembered
• A neatly organized site
• High quality photographies
Connection to city events
A HD conceptual video presentation

Where does 101 Hotel Reykjavik’s have room for improvement?

• The site doesn’t integrate guest feedback yet
• User engagement is weak due to a one-way communication approach
• A newsletter sign-up widget  would be a great opportunity to inform subscribers and create loyalty by means of e-mail marketing

Aria Hotel in Prague has its name deeply embedded in the general online brand strategy. This hotel relies on good copywriting to position itself as a “music-themed” hotel with an old artistic history in the centre of Prague.

What adds to making Aria Hotel a powerful brand?

• Strong positioning as a luxury boutique with taste in classical music
• Excellent storytelling, both written and visually
• Instant online customer assistance
• Booking option via iPhone & Android, as well Facebook.

Its online social platforms are updated regularly, however more interactivity and dialogue would further boost the social media strategy.

Hotel 41 London holds an impressive record in hospitality prizes. To take a historical past to the virtual world is difficult, but Hotel 41 lively presents its rich English heritage on a number of online platforms.

What adds to making Hotel 41 a powerful brand?

• The overall feeling of booking for an experience and not a service
Integrated guest reviews
Attractive packages within the hotel or related to city events

The cherry on top of this hotel’s strategy would be going mobile.

These top boutique hotels understood the power of an online identity and invested accordingly. Today, they are nominated for best hospitality services and the awards come with their own customers voting for them. Most importantly, these hotels now rank as the first in search results on Google and have customers as brand ambassadors.

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